Support Methods

There are different methods you can support us. We appreciate all of them.


Tell your Friends

If you like our content then feel free to share this page and tell your friends about us. Also visit our social media sites as listed in the the side bar.


Paypal – Donation

Also we would also appreciate a little donation so that we can invest in new rendering hardware, better equipment or to buy models, textures and other stuff for the use in our productions.



Computing Power

Since we are using the public renderfarm sheepit-renderfarm it is possible to help us with rendering our projects or to collect virtual “credits” so that we can render even more stuff. Simply go to its site, download the current client and enter following credentials:

Username: ortner-effects
Password: 9xbWGioQKXdWc40xgTKw9tXC7rARmtFQOgHjeeK3