Blender 2.82 is out!

Blender 2.82 is out!

We are very happy to tell you, that Blender 2.82 got released. For us, looking at the 2.8 series, 2.82 is a big milestone again and features lots of new amazing things. If you are interested and want to use the new features you can download it here.


Fluids in the viewport

One of our favorite features is the introduction of mantaflow into Blender for realistic fluid simulations. This introduces the powerful method of FLIP fluid simulation that is used to simulate any kind of liquids. It also allows you to calculate different types of particles, e.g. foam that generates on top of waves.

One big feature of the mantaflow integration is that it is now possible to pause the baking process of a simulation and continue it at a later point in time. Also the different simulation steps (particle simulation, mesh creation) are split up and can be calculated one after each other. This allows a much more efficient workflow and enables us to preview the rough simulation without having to bake all the details on the first run.

Even the most simple simulations like those above look much much better than in the old system.

Cloth Simulation

Video from

Also the cloth simulation system got amazing improvements. This includes for example the internal air pressure that can now be simulated. This is useful to fill pillows as you can see in the video above.


Also a huge milestone is the support of UDIM textures. This means, that multiple textures of multiple sizes can be combined onto one UV layout. This enables us to use different texture sizes for different parts of our models and guarantees better results with less memory consumption.

Much more…

For us, this are the three biggest improvements in Blender 2.82 but there are a lot of other new changes.